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KX7 ThreshStart Concaves

Introducing ThreshStart Kits

Looking for a better thresh, cleaner sample, and increased efficiency but don't want to make a big investment? Our ThreshStartTM concaves are the perfect solution!

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Demand Added Strength with Tungstrong

Get even more life from your concaves with our TungstrongTM wear resistant coating... now standard on our MaxThreshTM assemblies.

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Improved Thresh

KX7’s MaxThresh™ and MaxRound™ bars are angled to hit your crop head on. This angle, along with increased air disruption allows for a faster thresh and more separating time.

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Customized to Your Conditions

Because your field and crop conditions are unique, KX7 concaves put you in control of your configuration. This much flexibility is only available with KX7!

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KX7... The Future of Concaves!

KX7 concaves allow you to take control of your harvest. Our unique, customizable box inserts can be configured to best meet your specific crop and field conditions. Combining this flexibility with our patented angled box design gives you a better thresh, which leads to improved productivity. No other system on the market offers this much flexibility; no other system allows you to take this much control. Find out more...

Video Spotlight

Cleaner Sample, Better Design

Oregon custom harvester Bryan Jones describes the effectiveness of KX7 concaves in harvesting canola. He experienced less machine cleaning, and an overall better experience with the design of KX7 concaves.

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Blake, South Dakota