High-Wear, the New Standard

KX7 concaves now feature our proprietary TungstrongTM wear resistant coating on all MaxThreshTM assemblies. While KX7 was already outlasting traditional concaves, our new enhanced assemblies feature a 3 time improvement in surface wear over the previous model, as well as other traditional heat treated concaves! That means even less time in the shop and more time harvesting! But the best news is that while we’ve improved our product, we’re not increasing the price!

TungstrongTM is a metallurgically bonded wear coating that is outlasting traditional high-wear applications. KX7’s TungstrongTM coating holds greater impact resistance and increased hardness, and it won’t chip off like other hard facing applications.

KX7 high-wear concaves make it even easier to Take Control of Your Harvest! Learn about additional KX7 benefits, or contact a dealer to request a quote.

(Above):TungstrongTM is applied to the
threshing edge of the MaxThreshTM box inserts.
This microstructure view shows the tungsten carbide
is distributed evenly throughout the coating, and
wraps around the threshing edge for added durability.