Harvesting Canola

Canola field

No-Till Farmer magazine recently released an article covering several options for harvesting winter canolaAs noted, this can be a tricky crop due to the mismatch in moisture levels in the plant versus the pods. While the article did not cover concaves, we felt it was worth noting the success KX7 users have seen in canola.

The recommended KX7 concave configuration for canola is MaxThresh assemblies in front, with MaxRound concaves in the rear. KX7 offers a much more aggressive thresh up front, allowing users to open up their clearance. In doing so, it's possible to harvest more, faster. More efficient threshing paired with our uniquely angled MaxRound concaves results in greater capacity and improved rotor losses. To find the recommended KX7 configuration for your machine, visit our configuration page, enter your make and model, and select "Small Seed" as the crop type.

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