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You Can't Control the Weather, But...

2019 was a whirl of mixed weather. It started under water, got incredibly hot, and just when it started feeling normal again an early cold front hit. Weather has always been a factor on our harvest, but it’s out of our control. With that in mind, we feel it’s time for you to take the reins on what you can influence. It’s time to Take Control of Your Harvest with our KX7 concaves.

Bringing Consistency to the Inconsistent

Flooded corn field

With many farmers still trying to plant and some beginning harvest, the persistent rainfall across much of the U.S. has poised 2019 to be a year with challenging harvest conditions. Ideally, farmers prefer to harvest when the plant is dry; however, this year, that may be wishful thinking. Not only will the grain likely have high moisture, but the plant as well, making it more difficult to thresh out and separate the grain. With inconsistent stands from replanted areas and ponding in fields, farmers will also be faced with mixed maturity levels within each field.

What Sets KX7 Concaves Apart?

Various KX7 concave assemblies

At first glance, you can see that KX7 concaves are different. Their size and design are unique, but these are just the beginning in what sets KX7 apart and contributes to its incredible performance. Let's dig deeper into what KX7 has to offer. 

Dew You Dare?

Dew on corn leaves

Farmers are known to be early risers, but when it comes to harvesting corn or soybeans, even the early birds have traditionally had a limiting factor on getting in their fields. Signs of dew or moisture on these crops have long been holding harvesters back for fear of plugging their concaves. Well fear no more - KX7 concaves offer the separation and air disruption needed to power through high moisture or wet conditions without clogging your combine and stopping you in your tracks. 

Prevent the Plugging Predicament

KX7 concaves (top) not plugged versus competing aftermarket concaves (bottom) that are plugged

How often have you looked at your combine's concaves after (or mid) harvesting and saw that they were plugged - much like the bottom photo shown? This plugging predicament is causing frustration for many farmers, as it prevents the threshed grain from falling through the concaves. This means that more grain is carried rearward along the rotor, often overloading the separating capacity and creating rotor loss. Moreover, grain that falls farther back along the rotor puts extra stress on the combine's cleaning system to further reduce capacity.

A Better Thresh Begins with ThreshStart

KX7 TheshStart Concaves

KX7 ThreshStartTM concave kits are designed for those looking to begin gaining improved threshing and grain quality with minimal investment. ThreshStartTM kits include two rows of KX7 concaves for installation in the front, most critical threshing position. Choose from ThreshStartTM kits for cereals or grains that include two MaxThreshTM assemblies, or our corn kit featuring one MaxThreshTM and one MaxRoundTM concave. For John Deere and Case IH combines, these two KX7 assemblies replace one traditional concave.

What Settings To Use?

Combine unloading grain

We are often asked about what settings to use with our KX7 concaves, and we always recommend starting with what’s outlined in your machine owner’s manual. Our MaxThresh™ and MaxRound™ concave design results in a more aggressive threshing action and improved separation, which should allow you to increase your ground speed given your field conditions. But the key to getting the greatest grain quality is in monitoring your output. If you’re new to using KX7, do a few quick checks for losses and grain integrity during harvest.

KX7 Manufacturer Also Offers Traditional and High-Wear Concaves

Traditional High-Wear John Deere Concave from Kondex
Kondex Corporation, the manufacturer of KX7 concaves, also supplies traditional and high-wear versions of standard concaves for John Deere, Case IH, Massey Ferguson, Challenger, and Gleaner combines. All of its concaves utilize robotic, pulse welding and must meet stringent quality assurance measures. So, how do you know which concave is right for you? Learn more...

The Future in Concaves is Here

“After our period of testing, it appears that the future may be here, and we want to be there with it,” Tribine VP of Engineering Bob Matousek stated about KX7 concaves.

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