A Smart Investment to Combat Crop Prices

With increased operating and overhead costs, along with lowered crop prices, it’s no surprise that new equipment forecasts are expected to decline. Farmers and custom harvesters are forced to be smart with their money. One of the best ways to get the most for their acreage is to invest in existing equipment.

KX7 concaves are a smart investment because they provide an immediate return on crop samples and productivity levels. This is made possible with our unique angled threshing and separation bars that hit the crops head on, increasing combine capacity. KX7 users have reported efficiency savings of 12% or more, while achieving better threshing, less cracking, better grain samples, and less rotor loss. This all leads to more dollars in your pockets!

Unlike traditional concaves, KX7 concaves are a long-term investment. Not only do the heat treated bars on our concave box inserts gain users extended life, but KX7’s individual boxes also allow for more than one season of frame use. Many users are getting years of use from the same frames, while only replacing individual boxes as needed. This feature makes for the most economical solution on the market today!