Improved Productivity

The KX7 concave system centers on patented box designs, MaxThresh™ and MaxRound™. These boxes are designed with angled bars that meet the crop head-on, allow for customized threshing, and increase your rotary combine's capacity. The KX7 MaxThresh™ angled bars builds upon the proven benefits of a helical concave by optimizing the air flow disruption. The KX7 MaxRound™ brings the benefits of a helical design into the round bar category, improving threshing in corn and soybeans while also maximizing separation in small grains and cereals. Both the MaxThresh™ and MaxRound™ are heat treated and reversible to provide increased useful life.

The KX7 concave system provides the flexibility to customize your combine's threshing chamber and maximize your productivity. The design of the MaxThresh™ and MaxRound™ boxes allows for faster threshing and maximum combine capacity. This allows you to increase your concave clearance, reducing wear on your rotor and providing more flexibility to fine tune settings. With the KX7 concave system, you don't have to sacrifice a clean tank or increase your losses to gain capacity. Take Control of Your Harvest!

Greater Customization

The KX7 concave system starts with more options for the farmer. KX7 concaves are half the width of most traditional concaves, giving farmers twice as many positions to customize their thresh. With these new positions, come two differing designs to continue the customization, MaxThresh™ and MaxRound™. MaxThresh™ is the premiere threshing concave designed for the front half of your separating area, or anywhere additional threshing is needed, such as beneath crop returns. MaxRound™ serves two purposes. By hitting the crop head on, it provides excellent easy/gentle threshing for corn, soybeans, and other delicate crops. In addition, MaxRound™ serves as an optimal separation concave when MaxThresh™ has threshed the seeds.

These additional options enable farmers to optimize their machine set-up to their unique harvesting conditions, such as specific crops, variation in yields, and moisture conditions, all without any machine modification. The half-width design also makes them more maneuverable during installation and removal.

Precision Product

All KX7 concaves are robotically manufactured. Welds are individually inspected by AWS (American Welding Society) qualified welders. Our ISO-certified quality assurance process includes rigorous visual and robotic testing to ensure each component meets your expectations of fit and performance. KX7 MaxThresh™ and MaxRound™ bars are heat treated for extended wear – a process validated by in-house metallurgists. Laboratory testing shows KX7 concaves hold a 25% improvement in wear resistance over non-heat treated concaves.

KX7 concaves are proudly made in an ISO 9001 American factory to the highest quality standards and tight manufacturing tolerances. KX7 concaves have been tested in four countries in a variety of crops and varying conditions.

  • Improved productivity through increased capacity
  • Angled bars to hit the crop head on
  • Patented box design offers greater customization
  • Heat treated to extend product wear
  • Narrow frames are easier to maneuver during installation and removal
  • No machine modification required
  • Quality meets or exceeds market standards
  • Made in America
  • Tested and distributed internationally

When harvesting corn, MaxRound™ box inserts are ideal for your combine and designed for all conditions. Precision spacing and angled, heat-treated round bars meet your corn head-on to deliver a premium thresh for your corn harvest.


Because of its strong performance through extensive testing, KX7 concaves have rapidly become the go-to option for wheat farmers. The combination of MaxThresh™ and MaxRound™ box inserts allow for faster threshing and improved separation. The KX7 concave system increase your rotary combine's efficiency, allowing you to maximize your combine's capacity and minimize your harvest time.

“…This past summer we ran the KX7 concaves in about 10,000 acres of wheat, and we really liked how easy they were to install and handle. And really, the biggest thing for us was how well they performed in really tough threshing conditions.”

Blake, South Dakota
Crop: Wheat


KX7 MaxThresh™ and MaxRound™ boxes were designed with the rice farmer in mind. With heat treated steel wear bears and thick structural frames, the KX7 concave system is built to survive the tough conditions rice farmers see everyday. Testimonials have been clear - you can expect a cleaner tank sample without sacrificing losses.

“…The KX7’s provide that additional thrashing and separation capability that we need, and they’re a nice fit on the John Deere combine. We noticed that we had a better milling yield this year, and we think part of that is due to the concaves themselves. The rice looked better in the grain tank.”

Emile, Louisiana
Crop: Rice


Do you find yourself constantly making adjustments to your combine as crop conditions change across a field? With the KX7 concave system and MaxRound™ boxes installed in your combine, you will make fewer adjustments from dawn to dusk. Allowing you to harvest in conditions where OEM concaves cannot.

“…As soon as the conditions changed or got a little worse… we felt like the KX7’s provided us with anywhere from 15 to 20 percent better capacity, just because it was a little bit more open and it was a good thresher.”

Emile, Louisiana
Crop: Soybeans


Testing on the U.S./Mexico border in high humidity and high moisture proved no clogging occurred with the right combination of MaxThresh™ and MaxRound™ box inserts. Farmers are impressed with their ability to continue harvesting without stopping to clean out their concaves.